July 9th Ladies n gents
my new ink 
Designs mostly by me, exectution carried out by Jonny Breeze from AKA London (also works in Brighton). If you have a chance give this guy a shot, hes great.
July 9th "

I want you and you are not here.


Carol Ann Duffy , de ” Miles Away    (via sexual-feelings)

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July 9th notwo:

last night i had a strange dream
July 9th
July 9th uvre:

Cerith Wyn Evans 
July 9th
July 9th
July 9th vuls:

Agnes Denes, Snail Pyramid - Study for Self-Contained, Self-Supporting City Dwelling — A Future Habitat, 1988
July 9th Rip in piece bae
July 4th

Officially in london yeh